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released February 10, 2017

Recorded June-September summer 2016 in my basement in Syosset Long Island New York while alone for hours.

Production: Ryan Meyers

Album flowers drawn by and featuring Matt Pirolo, love you may you be forever snoring as snorelax.

Thank you's to, my dad, lukey sedge, donzo B aka "Donzo Biscoti" for playing bass in the band at one point, ben locke, matt pirolo, jack "jnick" peas, lyle the corgi, molly the corgi (kind of .. /:) the gutter, eric song for being there the whole time, ming for showing his support and coming to our shows, rondino for coming to a show, brian, sarah michelle gellar, and anybody else who has shown us love over the last year or so we appreciate it soo Fucking much, for real

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Figure Eight Syosset, New York

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Track Name: Forever
I've been waiting for so long to feel like this

tell me, what do you see
so many things get lost inside of me
I forgot so I'm still throwing rocks at your window
tell me, what do you know
what would I do if you would choose to go
would I say that I sill love you forever?

You would rap my chains right up
ley me down across your floor
forget the things you wished you'd say
and tell me you still see clear
Track Name: Clean
Your skins to thick now but can you still feel me?
you grew up to fast, why don't you rain down on me
feel your skin with every drop, permeate
I cant think straight

I hate that I'm claustrophobic when you're not close enough
I hate that your so far away

do you lie awake at night
home alone, all alone
no ones home no one to take my place
no one to forget
you'll forget all about me
and we were so clean, you're not clean
Track Name: Keep You With Me
We do things cause it's hard
it has to be, so frequently
and all these things are passing thru me
let them pass, your coursing thru, the ground and to
send me flowers that I cant pick

why'd you have to go, when the simple things don't ever seem to show

in the separation

let it pass thru you, I hear you knocking when the sun hits my back
I think about you, when no one is around

with the simple things and separation, i'll keep you with me forever
Track Name: October
Passing thru time, getting stuck in holes
and your left over from October, and I'm still here

I hate that you never smile with your teeth
your so insecure around him but never with me
and you look for attention in the darnest things
but you'd never admit it to me

were better off

when were both away at school, you'd still say were better off